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S.T.E.M For Kids


Robotics is an environment to experiment with new technologies and concepts in a fun way with hands-on learning. “Your hands know more than you think they know”!! When children look at the world from a scientific lens, it becomes both a marvel and an opportunity to make something of that marvel. This perspective turns our Robotics Lab into an innovation hub where both marvel and opportunity flourish.


Programming is now a part of almost everything around you. Your fridge has it, your tap was probably designed on a computer program, your clothes tags were set up in a database, the currency notes you use were designed in a highly complex layered computer program.


One of the best STEM educational tools, which is used in UAE schools

Many kids use 3D Printing to make their own creations or import any design from the web.


3D Printing is a great STEM tool as used in UAE, teaching kids skills like problem-solving, design thinking, and creativity.


This program dives into the foundations of aerospace technologies. Participants face off with powerful air; experience its drag and pressure; learn about laws of motion and how they impact flying things.

Participants create parachutes, design taternaut™ space suits, enjoy hands-on rocketry and make keepsake model planes.

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