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One of the Best Ballet Programs for Children

A Ballet Curriculum created and customized inhouse to suit Children of all ages and dance levels.
Accredited by the KHDA, we empower Children to boost their confidence, Improves Posture and Coordination, Focus and Sharpens Critical Thinking.


Best Rates by qualified teachers in the biggest Studio in DSO.

We accept Children starting 3 Years old, we offer a free trial first for the child to try and for the parent to meet the teacher and understand our teaching approach.

At that age, our focus is to get the child to build new skills focusing on body  posture and coordination.

For intermediate levels, we focus on flexibility and strength more than technical, as both skills are the foundation of a good ballerinas. We combine dancing with stretching and muscle building through carefully designed excercises.


For advanced levels, the outcome is great ballerinas with solid foundation who can perform not only Ballet but any type of dance .Ballet is the base of any other type of Dance.

Every Ballerina is a good dancer but not every good dancer a Ballerina.


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