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Smart Brain is a mental arithmetic program that develops both sides of the brain that work systematically to produce the highest performance in children studying at the primary level.
Building confidence in children is the basis of constructing their future.

Students who possess concentration and confidence will understand the lessons easier than those who lack these attributes.

It is crucial to correct this problem in children for their future and society.

"Let's join in bettering our children's
performance with the help of experts."

Smart Brain Levels


lEVEL 1 & 2


Curriculum Level 1 Standard

- Learn the foundation of using an abacus.
- Basic calculation by using finger counting method and abacus.
- Building connection between the left and right side of the brain.

Curriculum Level 1 Advance

- Learning the technique of basic mental arithmetic and dictation.
- Practicing addition and subtraction using mental arithemtic and dictation.
- Learning the basic of multiplication.
- Starting to stimulate ther right side of the brain to work with the left side concurrently.

Curriculum Level 2

- Practicing addition and subtraction using mental arithmetic and dictation.
- Learning the basic of multiplication.


lEVEL 3 & 4


Curriculum Level 3

- Increased rows in abacus calculation will stimulate more concentration.
- More digits in mental arithmetic calculation with answers reaching 100th digits
- Multiplication 2 * 1 digits with abacus
- Increase accuracy with higher speed which will result in improved brain performances.

Curriculum Level 4

- Abacus calculation will include division.
- Mental arithmetic calculation will include multiplication.
- More digits in mental arithmetic calculation reaching 100th digits.
- Improving concentration, imagination, visualization, memory.

Teacher and Student Playing

lEVEL 5 & 6


Curriculum Level 5

- Increased skill and accuracy of calculation.
- There will be more rows in abacus calculation to increase concentration.
- By now, mental arithmetic calculations should be vivid and accurate as the speed would be faster in this level.
- There will be more digits in mental calculations.
- Improved memory capacity and enhanced brain white matter tracts

Curriculum Level 6

- Practicing for continuing of concentration.
- Increase the potential of remember, confidence, sagacity and observe.
- Increase the potential of accurate and rapid to calculate by M.A.
- Multiple 3 digits with 1 digit by M.A.
- More accurately by increase and reduce decimal by abacus.
- Study to increase the digit by abacus.

Image by Raghav Modi

lEVEL 7 & 8


Curriculum Level 7

- Calculating bigger digits.
- More potential to remember, confide, observe, and resourcefulness.
- More potential of accuracy and speed to calculate by M.A.
- Multiplication 2 digits by M.A.
- More accurate to calculate by increasing and reducing the decimal by abacus.
- Study to increase the digit by abacus.

Curriculum Level 8

- Calculated 2 digits, 6-7 rows or 3 digits, 3-4 rows by M.A.
- Continued meditation for at least 3 minutes.
- Multiplying 3 digits by 2 digits and 2 digits by 3 digits.
- Dividing 5-6 digits by 2 digits.
- Visualization, Conceptualization and comprehension is deeply expanded upon.