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The Best Math Tuition Program in Dubai

Listen to your needs and goals


Gather information


Identify gap and prepare Plan


Apply plan, track and monitor progress


Achieve Goal


Tutoring Math at Megabrain is Science and not Fiction, our approach has been tested with thousands of students over the past 30 years and it works every time.

1- We first listen to your need explaining the Challenge and what is the Goal as goals differ from one student to another.

2- Then we start gathering information such as School Reports, Studying Habits, Parents insights and more.

3- We do a thorough assessment and identify Gap vs the Goal and generate a Plan  .

4- We start following the Plan. During that we monitor, track and assess if progress is obtained and satisfaction is maintained or not. (We have the ability to talk to the School teachers as well since we are connected with almost every school in Dubai.)

5- Based on student performance, Parents, student and us agree if Goal have been achieved or not yet.

Steps 1 to 3 are totally for FREE

Even if you don't plan to receive tuition from our qualified Tutors, we love to help out in anyway possible.

Our Tutors

A Certification is a must have but being certified alone doesn't mean the certified teacher is a good Tutor.

Our Tutors are carefully selected after going through multiple phases of assessments including Knowledge, Psychologically, Personality and Tutoring techniques.

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