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Summer Camps - What to look for

Parents every year start looking for #SummerCamps that has a good value for money where Children do learn new things and have fun at the same time.

Unfortunately there are many providers in the market who are not authorized providing or offering productive programs, rather they are providing activities that keeps Children busy doing something without proper planning or consideration of the skills offered.

At #megabrain we try our best to provide a well developed and well balanced Programs full f diversified skills to develop.

Each activity we provide is part of a big project that Children will need to demonstrate at the end of the camp. Dancing for example, each age group will practice a contemporary, accordance and hip hop choreography to demonstrate at the end of the camp.

For Robotics, children will participate in a project as teams building a unique concept of robotics that includes coding as well. We use LEGO Mind-storm for children of 6 and above, while we use Cubetto for the little ones.

Our #summercamp is full of learning new skills while having loads of fun.

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