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What is Success ?

Welcome back everyone! Glad to have you all back after the long #summer vacation. I trust you are all well rested and ready to kick start the new #school year.

Let’s talk about #success folks. What is #success? At what point would you claim that you are #successful? How do you measure success? #Parents, how do you measure your #child’s success?

Here are some dictionary definitions of the term ‘success’

· The accomplishment of the results of an aim or purpose.

· The achieving of the results wanted.

· Something that achieves positive results.

After having checked the dictionary definitions, I decided to consult several people and find out how they would define success (mind you they were not fore warned about the interview, so their responses were original). What I learnt from their responses, Oh boy! I couldn’t keep it to myself, I decided to share with you folks.

Participant 1

Success is that point in #life when you #achieve your goals, for example, marital; financial, career etc. But there is no one clear cut definition for success. Partly accomplishing your goals cannot be regarded as success.

Participant 2

Success is defined in two ways (family and career).

#Family- having good food, good clothes, good schools etc

#Career- When you are proud of your work and feel that deep sense of satisfaction and when other parties appreciate your work.

Participant 3

Success is when you have achieved most of the things you’ve ever wanted in life. Success differs from one person to another and can’t be measured in monetary value. However; there is no success without money. If something that you’ve built dies with you, then you cannot be counted amongst the people who have achieved success. The means to which you achieve your success matters. For example, you cannot get money through fraudulent ways, clean it (start a clean business) and start even donating to charity, and you say you are a success person. THAT IS NOT SUCCESS.

Participant 4

Success is the realization of set #goals, #objectives or #targets, ability to achieve a certain level of satisfaction from your goals. Success has no destination. It is continuous.

Participant 5

Success is when you have done something better in life. It must be good. If it’s money, it must be clean. It’s not only about money, it can be achieved without money.

Participant 6

Success is being #happy. Happin

ess is the most important thing in life. Other material things are not permanent.

Participant 7

Success is the target for family stability. Success is ongoing and differs from one person to another. If you achieve or just take the first step, it is success. There is no limit to success.

Therefore, from all these responses, in my own opinion, ‘success is that point in life when you have inner peace or simply peace of mind. Do you agree or disagree with me?

Or would you want to add or something from the definitions and explanations above. YES, YOU CAN!!!

Feel free to respond and post your views on what success means to you in the comment box provided.

I am dying to hear your views and definitions. Ladies and gentlemen let’s hear your voices in black and white.

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